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the state of high performance teamwork


team alchemy


"team alchemy is the state of high performance teamwork that combines outstanding results, synergistic relationships and deep fulfilment from working and learning together".


- Trevor Laurence



There's a kind of magic created when a team works together in perfect synergy. When this happens, results flow and people feel great being part of the team.


The team alchemy system is a collection of frameworks and tools that deliver business success through team performance.


Recognising the two vital dimensions of teamwork - connectivity inside teams, and collaboration across teams - we go beyond mere team-building.

Our system provides a strengths-based approach to building high performance cultures - emphasising collaboration, positive psychology, and social intelligence.



The team alchemy system delivers a robust, proven process to achieve a state of high performance within your organisation:



  • unlock the secrets of effective teamwork and collaboration with the team alchemy model
  • discover the key steps towards successful team performance in the team alchemy life cycle.



  • assess and benchmark your team performance with our team alchemy survey (TAS)
  • break down the different elements of team performance to diagnose where your team excels, and where attention is required.


  • identify strategies and initiatives to take team performance to the next level with the team alchemy dimensions matrix and team alchemy toolbox
  • work towards a state of team alchemy through coaching and workshops delivered by experts from our facilitator-coach network.


team alchemy is the catalyst to embed a performance culture both within teams and across team-based organisations:


organisation level - our facilitator-coaches will work consultatively to customise organisation-wide initiatives for embedding team alchemy with your organisational culture. Practitioner workshops bring together team leaders from across organisations, fostering collaboration at an organisational level.


team level - team workshops and action-learning initiatives led by our facilitator-coaches will introduce your team members to the six elements of team performance, explain how the elements apply to them, and how they can improve together.


individual level - we provide one-on-one coaching and practitioner workshops for managers, team leaders and team members enabling you to gain a deep understanding of your team's culture and the actions required to maximise team performance.





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