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Learning from real life experience, that's the heart of experiential learning


We utilise real life and simulated challenges to build competence and performance. The experiential learning cycle provides the framework for translating experience into meaningful learning. The experiential learning cycle involves four steps:


  • Experience - from either real life or a simulated experience
  • Reflection  - shared observation and interpretation of the experience
  • Processing - analysing the experience in relation to conceptual models and the workplace
  • Application - planning and committing to workplace improvement


etc's processes boost performance

ETC performance coaches are experts at facilitating action-learning. They are people with a track record in leading and managing, as well as coaching others to improve performance. Team workshops, planning sessions, training and personal coaching sessions all provide opportunities for development and performance improvement.


ETC performance coaches apply five principles to ensure client satisfaction:


  • Understanding - the needs of your business and your people
  • Partnership - in designing and delivering improvement strategies
  • Flexibility - in adjusting to changing business circumstances
  • Commitment - to results-oriented processes and solutions
  • Support - in helping bring about change, learning and performance improvement.


vivid, results-oriented learning

Our performance coaches create an environment in which participants are relaxed, motivated and responsible for their own learning. Application to the workplace is reinforced and consolidated through the use of appropriate management theory, coaching sessions, facilitation, profiling, training workshops and specific implementation processes. Learning is vivid and real. ETC focuses on both development and performance.



"When I was looking for a company to work on leadership development for my team, I was told "you can't go past the Experiential Training & Coaching - they're the best"

That statement has been proved for me many times over. I have since worked with Trevor Laurence with many different teams in many different situations, and he has always delivered the best for us."


  • Ray Delany, Managing Director, Designertech

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