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the team alchemy systemâ„¢


why team alchemy?


Successful organisations recognise that networking and connectivity across teams is as important as teamwork within a team.


The team alchemy system unlocks the secrets of effective teamwork and collaboration; it also identifies when teamwork is inappropriate and how poor collaboration can be more costly than not collaborating at all.


The team alchemy system brings innovation to the social aspects of work, where cross-company collaboration is vital to success. Our approach offers many specific advantages to your organisation:


it focuses on what matters

  • collaboration between teams is the new frontier for lifting organisational performance. Most models of teams focus on single teams. The team alchemy system focuses on both individual teams and on building team-based culture across a whole organisation - how clusters of teams collaborate with each other to create value.


it offers diverse perspectives

  • the 360 degree feedback structure of our team alchemy survey makes use of both internal and external feedback for teams. It measures internal chemistry among team members as well as team effectiveness from the vital perspective of external stakeholders.


it is links to wider business performance

  • independent research has shown correlations between team alchemy survey scores and other measures of business performance including customer satisfaction and profitability.


it makes team performance measurable

  • the team alchemy survey makes team performance measurable, comparable and traceable through the survey. It also allows for team performance to be used as an organisation-wide KPI.


it is diagnostic

  • the team alchemy system can provide a snapshot of current team performance, but goes further than that to diagnose and track team performance as the team moves through the life cycle towards a state of high performance.


it is prescriptive

  • the team alchemy approach is more than just a relationship-development model, it focuses on performance. Distinguishing when and how to team and collaborate, it adds value by maximising the use of resources. It is a framework to lift business performance to the next level.


it is versatile

The team alchemy system is adaptable to a wide range of industries, business disciplines, and organisational types. team alchemy is suitable for:

  • senior leadership teams
  • matrix teams working across business units
  • virtual teams dispersed geographically
  • functional teams who report to a manager
  • project teams and task forces.


it provides enduring results

  • the team alchemy approach creates a team-based organisation by providing methodologies for embedding teamwork and collaboration processes into the organisation's culture.


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