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3 integrated frameworks explain team performance


conceptual frameworks



the team alchemy model

The team alchemy model identifies six key elements essential to effective teamwork. When working in harmony, these fundamentals create an environment where groups of people can compete and prosper.



 team alchemy model




The six elements that determine effective teamwork and collaboration:


team outcomes:   performance ethic. Team-first ethos. Recognise contributions.


accountability:   high standards. Use of milestones to monitor, review and reflect on performance. Confront reality.


direction:   clarity and alignment. An action orientation. Commitment to execution.


dialogue:   active listening & straight-talking. Sound structure and processes. Use of constructive tension.


trust & respect:  give trust unearned. Respect each other. Belief through action.


collaboration:   strong external orientation. Proactively engage with key stakeholders. Utilise feedback loops.






the team alchemy lifecycle


Teams travel a five-phase journey towards high performance teamwork and effective collaboration:


 the team alchemy life cycle



team traction:   setting up the team; ensuring a fast start

team calibration:   tuning the team to run smoothly

team momentum:   the team produces sound results, but still has unrealised potential to fulfil

team alchemy:   the state of high performance teamwork

team reset:   the team needs to refocus its efforts.





the team alchemy dimensions matrix


The team alchemy dimensions matrix combines the elements of the model with the stages of the lifecycle to create a prescriptive framework for improving team performance.


 the team alchemy dimensions matrix



Used in conjunction with the team alchemy survey, the team alchemy dimensions matrix provides direction on how best to focus your efforts to improve team performance. Applying the tools provided by the team alchemy toolkit, your facilitator-coach will help guide you on the journey to high performance.








 video podcast   team alchemy life cycle video podcast





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