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lifting team performance


delivering the system


The team alchemy system is delivered via our network of accredited facilitator-coaches. They will work directly with your organisation to develop a custom approach aligned specifically to your needs.


The primary methods of delivery are action-learning activities that are embedded into usual business activity to lift team performance. Improvement plans are coordinated by our team alchemy facilitator-coaches through team workshops and by coaching your teams, leaders and organisational change agents. Improvement activities may be drawn from our online team alchemy toolkit and/or from initiatives already in place within your organisation.



aligned initiatives


Our facilitator-coaches will work collaboratively with you to explore ways to integrate the team alchemy system into existing or new business frameworks and initiatives. We work with you to fully embed team alchemy frameworks into your organisational culture.


To this end, the team alchemy system is designed to complement other methodologies - High Performance Organisations (HPO), engagement, cultural frameworks, organisational change initiatives and values frameworks.


Examples of effective initiatives and models that align with team alchemy frameworks include:


  • integrating with organisation-wide management control and reporting systems
  • quarterly leadership forums utilising collaborative approaches to business planning and performance monitoring
  • providing a team performance dimension to performance management frameworks
  • vision, purpose, values formation and implementation workshops
  • psychometric & behavioural profiling linked to team development & relationships; eg Belbin Team Roles, DISC, HBDI, MBTI
  • leadership models that have components featuring team leadership & collaboration; eg Zenger Folkman, LPI, Hogan.





team workshops

Team workshops are usually between one and two days in length, involving all team members, including the team leader.


  • facilitator-coaches will provide an introduction to the core concepts of the team alchemy system, including the model, lifecycle and dimensions matrix
  • one to two day workshops occur after a team has completed the team alchemy survey for the first time, with shorter two to four hour workshops following each subsequent survey
  • facilitator-coaches will present the survey results, explaining what they mean and (if applicable) putting them within the context of the wider organisation
  • survey results and the dimensions matrix are used to diagnose actions and initiatives to raise team performance.


practitioner workshops


Usually two days in length, practitioner workshops are targeted at team leaders and managers.


  • practitioner workshops are designed for leaders whose teams have undertaken the team alchemy survey, and are seeking an understanding of how to apply it to their teams.
  • facilitator-coaches will help participants learn the system in detail, gain an understanding of what the survey means for the team, and learn to select & implement improvement activities with their team.
  • the workshops employ a collaborative approach to learning, where team leaders will work together with other leaders from across the organisation to gain a greater appreciation of the importance of disciplined collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • through the deliberate grouping of participants, workshops can be specifically designed to help strengthen the networks necessary to encourage collaboration across organisations.
  • participants will leave with a plan to take back their teams, along with access to a range of articles, activities and initiatives contained within the team alchemy toolkit.



team and one-on-one coaching


Team coaching is ideal for those teams and leaders who are highly motivated to enhance their team performance. It is also suited to teams facing a highly challenging team environment with specific team issues to address.


Intensive team coaching sessions involve facilitator-coaches interacting directly with the team as a work unit. Facilitator-coaches will work to:


  • gain a thorough understanding of the individual team roles and responsibilities in the team
  • help identifying the strengths and weaknesses present in the team dynamic
  • develop participants' individual and collective ability to function at a high level in the team environment
  • provide feedback on how the team can most effectively lift its collective performance.


Throughout the process, the facilitator-coach will facilitate discussion in order to generate dialogue, commitment and buy-in from all those involved.


One-on-One coaching is targeted at organisational change agents. Senior executives, team leaders, OD and HR managers in particular stand to benefit from focussed interactions with our team performance experts.


As well as learning directly from their coaches, we encourage coachees to engage collaboratively to explore different ways in which team alchemy can be applied to their team or organisation.


The duration and frequency of sessions will vary depending on the specific needs of the team or individuals involved, and can be conducted either face-to-face or virtually.



team alchemy toolkit


The online toolkit is a treasure trove of activities, skills, frameworks, knowledge and initiatives for teams enrolled in the team alchemy system..

Drawing on the team alchemy dimensions matrix, the toolkit will prescribe the best tools for your team based on its results in the team alchemy survey. Components of the toolkit link specifically to:


  • five phases of the team alchemy life cycle
  • six elements of the team alchemy model
  • the team alchemy dimensions matrix.


The toolkit is an essential team improvement resource.

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